Isn't Autumn Fabulous?

Oh, how we Stones love Autumn! The crisp air, the colourful leaves, the season for baking! Autumn seems to evoke the simple pleasures. Max gets such a kick out of rolling in the front yard leaves.

Jack and I LOVE pumpkin pie! We devoured one this weekend. [Grin!] We adore Egg Nog! I'm adding it to my coffee, we made French toast with it...see recipes below!!

It's not too cold, yet just nippy enough to require a cardigan and the fireplaces! Every evening is snug and cozy. The smell of a woodburning fire is just wonderful. This has got to be my favorite time of year.

I hope all of you are enjoying your Autumn too. Have a Spooktacular and Safe Halloween!! Meg

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Here are quick links to some of my favourite
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Hi! I'm Meg Stone! I live in a dolls house. It's small but beautiful. We're on a budget, but we live life to the fullest. I have a young family. We're focused on enjoying our loving home filled with fresh baking, healthy meals, crafts, celebrations, budget home solutions & lots of DIY, as well as honoring our beautiful traditions.

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