A Summer of Rainbows

We are spending lazy days in the garden. Mr Stone has been making the bulk of our meals; barbecuing fish and home grown veg with his cherished Weber grill. The cooking I’ve done is limited to grilled vegetable dishes including my fabulous lasagne which uses up a lot of garden veg that would otherwise go bad…and cold salads, such as the pasta salad recipe below which is always a hit with my family.

The boys enjoy chasing rainbows our sprinkler makes. It’s been hot and the water spray is a welcome relief for them. The novelty of the rainbow is an added bonus. Jack in particular spends hours trying to jump on it. He dresses up as a superhero to do so, cape, goggles and all.

Our vegetable garden is fabulous, we’ve been enjoying crops since May. I’m expecially proud of our cucumber and watermelon boxes, but eagerly wait for the pumpkins. The seed pack promised huge!! Halloween and Rosh Hashanah are some of my favorites celebrations in the year. I dare say I’m sick of this heat and welcome Autumn to kick in soon.

Life is good. I hope all of you are enjoying your summer too.


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