My name is Meg and I’m a mom devoted to my family, my traditions, and all the little things that make life special. I love celebrations and make the most of any and all that I can. They are an excuse to enjoy crafts, baking and having fun with family and friends. I put 100% into everything I do. We throw parties for everything at our house, and we decorate for them all. I want my sons to have a magical childhood full of happy memories. I also want them to be proud that they are Jewish. I found little inspiration online or elsewhere for fun ways to celebrate Jewish traditions. Therefore, I decided to embrace the concept myself. Over time my recipes took over, as did my YouTube channel, and it became obvious that an awesome volume of people wanted to learn more about my recommendations for DIY and budget solutions. Who knew my faux canopy or play dough recipe could be so popular?!

It amuses me that so many people wonder and comment on how I speak/write/spell. I was born in Ireland, raised in America, but have spent my adult life flip-flopping between Great Britain and America, so yes, I suppose my dialect and my spelling is royally screwed up. It also doesn’t help that my husband is a New Yorker.  If you can get past the fact that I ‘speak, write or spell funny’ I hope you’ll have a good wander through the site and my videos. I try and post what I think you’ll enjoy. But I hope you’ll appreciate this isn’t staged, I’m just posting what what’s going on in our lives. I turn the camera on when I think we’re doing something worth sharing. If I can inspire you, awesome.

My Husband James Paris

Mr. Stone  is my opposite in every way. He loves noise, I appreciate silence. He surrounds himself with clutter, I have a place for everything. We both love to cook and meticulously planned the design of our Brighton kitchen to enable us our own cupboards and counters that do not overlap. I can find everything in my kitchen drawers. He has to rummage through his. I’d say most of our family life is happily spent together in the kitchen. He’s an easy-going guy and embraces our party life [and my decorations] with humour. I think I’d drive most men crazy, but thankfully he puts up with me.

Our Eldest Son Jack

I’ll be surprised if Jack doesn’t take choose a career in the food industry. He loves the kitchen. He’ll spend hours thumbing through my cookbooks, finding recipes he’d like to try. He especially enjoys making homemade pastas and baking. Cars, dinosaurs and lego are a distant second to his love for real [or play] cooking.

Jack also loves crafts projects and he’s particularly adept at sewing. We have a craft room that we spend hours in together. We sew costumes, bunting and make general decorations for our parties. He begs me to take him to the fabric store for inspiration! They all know him there, and he’s keen to tell them what he’s sewing at the moment. Jack is very creative and exceptionally clever, but I suppose all parents say something along those lines about their kids, don’t they?

Baby Maxwell aka Sprinkles

Max, or Sprinkles as he’s affectionately known, is a cheerful baby with expressive eyebrows and spit curls that looked like a painted-on dolls hair. He cheerfully is willing to go along with whatever is on the day’s agenda, soaking in all of the sites and smells with great amazement and wonder. Give him a wooden spoon to hold and he’s a happy baby.

Our Dog Gracie

Gracie is a Welsh Terrier and technically belongs to Jack. Mr. Stone convinced me that a boy needs a dog, and thus the family grew. She too loves the kitchen, and serves as our ‘live’ vacuume cleaner. Crumbs simply don’t exist in our house! She’s actually a great dog, we’re lucky we didn’t end up with a yapping chewer. She’s fit right in despite my reservations about getting a puppy. I didn’t grow up with a dog so it’s all new territory for me.

Our Cat Cosmo

Cosmo Seymour Stone is a very intelligent, serious Manx cat. We techincally consider him our first born as he came into our family the year we were married. He is a clever, old boy who doesn’t let us forget that we are lucky to be graced with his presence. He is top dog in this house, Gracie and Jack in particular are subservient to Cosmo’s every whim. Cosmo is very Jewish, as far as cats go, and joins us in every Shabbat, every event, he ‘supervises’ with genuine interest. We even made him a yamulke.

My family–Insight to Inspiration

My father is a second generation Ashkenazi immigrant who grew up in a chain of restaurants his father built and worked the entire family. My father’s sister, on her own accord owns a successful Jewish bakery. Hard work and appreciation for great food were important themes that my dad carried into my childhood.

My mother’s family are French Canadian Jews that loved crafts and had a gift for baking. My maternal grandmother always seemed to have something in the oven and a craft project in-progress on the kitchen table! My mother is an artist and has a great love for unusual and old baking tins which I grew up appreciating as can be seen in this site!

I have two younger brothers that I am close to. My brother Nathan has a science degree but spends all of his time in the kitchen [as he tells me, 'cooking is science'] and my other brother Benjamin is a graphics designer who successfully runs nightclubs in Northern California.


  1. Amy Gould says:

    You’re a very lucky woman.

  2. Sarah Milner says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way, I love your site and especially your youtube videos are fantastic but you kind of talk funny. Where are you from? I assume American but perhaps you’ve lived in the UK a long time?

    • Meg Stone says:

      No offense taken! I do speak funny–people tell me this occasionally on YouTube. I was born in Ireland, spent early years in the Pacific Northwest then from the age of nine was reared in California. I’m married to a New Yorker who has his own funny speech patterns and we’ve lived on the Southern coast of England for ten years. I believe the combination of all of these factors has properly screwed up my ears and my speech. I can’t seem to even spell properly anymore. Considering that I was the spelling champion for the state of CA in the 7th grade, that’s truly depressing! [grin.] Thanks for putting up with listening to me!

  3. SamIam says:

    You do not speak “funny”

    • Meg Stone says:

      Aww, thanks. I don’t sound funny to my own ear…but some people think that I do and comment on it occasionally!

  4. Dina says:

    Love love love your site!!!! AWESOME LADY

  5. Zurin says:

    You are very interesting.

  6. Hey Meg,

    I have to tell you, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I love your video DIY’s. We’ve gone ahead and posted a link to your site and one of your videos on one of our categories… for ALL OF OUR customers to see! Going to subscribe now. Take it easy Meg! KEEP ON POSTING!

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