Alligator/Crocodile/Dragon/Monster/Electric Eel Easy Sew Costume

Perhaps it’s all kids but especially my boy Jack–he loves to dress up but he wants to be comfy. He does not want to feel restricted in a costume. So I tend to make dress up out of clothes he already has that I can add to. It’s easier on me and more enjoyable for him. This is a classic example.

Jack had an ‘Under-the-Sea’ themed party for his 5th birthday this year. I’ll chat more about the party on another day, but as we’re coming up on Halloween I thought I’d share with you the outfit and how I made it. He wanted to go as an electric eel. Yes. Gulp. Err, okay. Sure, no problem.

The costume turned out great and he loved it. The concept was simple enough and can be adapted by you to create any creature with big teeth! Here’s how I made it:

  1. I took an old blue hooded sweatshirt. I added white felt teeth cut out as one long piece of fabric.[ One side straight and the other side triangular cuts for the the 'teeth effect.'] I sewed this with a straight stitch around the inside of the hood.
  2. Next I added a tail with sheer sparkly fabric by sewing a tube inside out, bringing the stitch in at an angle at the end to create a tail tip.
  3. I turned the fabric right side out and sewed the tube’s seam from the neck to the waist on the back, right down the middle, leaving the ‘tail’ to dangle below.
  4. I stuffed it with wadding from the top which was still open then stitched across the top to close it.
  5. I cut out felt and sparkly circles of fabric and sewed them on the front to create the creature’s ‘belly.’
  6. For this particular costume, as it was an electric eel, I added glow sticks down the spine of the tail so that the tail glowed!

Cute, huh?

And yes I’m a mermaid and yes Jack and I made the cake together!


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    Cool site, I will recommend to my friends.

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    Adorable and inspiring!

  3. tiki says:

    I want to eat your bagles

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