Bake Sale Best Sellers!

I’ve been baking all day for Jack’s school’s bake sale. A labour of love it is! 6 Dozen Flapjacks, 4 dozen rice krispie treats, 1 dozen extra-special brownies and 100 toffee apples. Yes, I said 100. Mind you, I’m not the only one baking. I’m sure many others will bring treats. It’s just that well, I’m known for being good at it. And reliable to bring it. And I’m on the PTA. And I love doing it. And what if no one else brings best sellers?

I well know that my treats are best sellers. It’s not that I am self-proclaiming that I’m the baking goddess. It’s that I’m making treats that everyone loves. Rice Krispie Treats! Flapjacks! And since it’s bonfire night, toffee apples are also in order. Yum!!!!!!!!! These are the sort of treats that there will be no left overs with. I am confident.

Especially the toffee apples. I made 80 last year and they sold out in 30 minutes. So this year I’m making 100. They are fun to make, but I must admit my kitchen is more than a tad sticky. As is my trusty blue laptop. As I write, toffee is dripping down the screen. It’s only a year old and it’s been in for repair twice. [As an aside, maybe it's not just vacuum cleaners that I am hard on. I guess I'm rough with my stuff in general!] On a positive note, I’m peeling the toffee off my screen as it cools and it’s balling nicely. The perfect temperature and it tastes great. But now my keyboard is getting sticky…

At Booker this week [my local restaurant supply store] I picked up foil platters with plastic snap tight lids. They are brilliant! It makes my contributions look oh-so-professional, don’t you agree?

And don’t my toffee apples look scrumptous?

And I can tell you with confidence that they taste even better than they look!

Finally, a photo of the back of my car, off to the bake sale. Isn’t this just the boot of pride?


  1. Julia says:

    Wow you really are wonderful. Your school must love you !!

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