The Best Vegetarian Lasagna

I don’t care if I’m not Italian, I’ll still proclaim it from the tops of the chimney pots. I make The Best Lasagna. It’s vegetarian, of course. But no one would notice unless I told them. I put quorn in it. I put all sorts of amazing things in it. It’s good to have wow-factor dishes that you can whip up with little effort.

We had friends round for dinner and it was like the cheese commercial where everyone goes silent when they take the first bite. My table of seven people all went silent after the first mouthful. They only piped up about the fifth bite to give it glowing reviews and ask for seconds. Which kind of sucks because I wish for left overs. Lasagna is always best second day. It just rarely makes it to the second day in ours. I tell myself I’ll make two at a time, then always forget when I’m making it. Darn.

Sprinkles helped for the first time. He sorted the veg and handed me one mushroom at a time to saute. We wore the matching aprons. Cute, huh? And a week on, I think my eyebrows still look fab!

Here’s what it looked like right before it went into the oven. Jack took this snap!

It looked even better when it came out, but we forgot to take a photo. We were overwhelmed with hunger from smelling it bake!

If you want to try my lasagna recipe, it’s here: Vegetarian Lasagna

I’ve also included the link to my YouTube step-by-step video here, enjoy!

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