Bottled Root beer Milk

It’s a Midwest thing. I’ve only ever seen it here, but WOW is it good. My friend Erin recommended it. I wasn’t sure if I would like it. I do drink a lot of milk, but I rarely crave a root beer float. She said it’s creamier than milk, but not exactly like a float. Intrigued, I bought a bottle. They sell it at our local grocery store.

And WOW! I really liked it. It doesn’t have the bubbles that you get in a float. It feels less like a dessert, and more just like a drink. Really yummy though! Jack was scared to try it, but finally gave it a try and was amazed how good it is. We devoured the entire bottle in one day. Is it bad for us? I can’t imagine it is. What a great way to get some calcium!

Now what kind of baking could I do with it? Erin suggested a bread pudding. Hmm, that’s a possibility. I’m not a huge bread pudding fan though. I don’t make it more than once a year. Maybe cinnamon rolls? The creaminess combined with root beer spice could add a special element to lots of amazing baking. I will have to think…


  1. Jamie says:

    I totally want to try this!

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