Autumn Decorations

 Bring on Autumn! Here are some photos from my home this Autumn to inspire you with yours! Be sure to scroll down for the links to the crafts I made!

On the first of September I hauled out my Autumn trunks of decorations and got busy! Here’s my front room’s fireplace. I think it looks beautiful.

Here’s my gorgeous piano that sits in the centre of our home, all decked out for Autumn. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in our front door. It makes a great place for displaying our family celebrations and holiday whims. It’s also the perfect height for reading/sorting through the post. I love my piano. 

I had these great cardboard leaves from last year. The mishapen abuse they suffered in the trunk only make them look more real!

I got a new wreath for the front door this year. Loving the acorns…

and my old wreath became the kitchen table centre piece…

Here are some Autumn leaves I made. Like them? They are easy to make. Click here for the directions.

and of course no seasonal celebration is clomplete without a bunting:

[This is just my standard bunting template combined with my leaves template. Easy Peasy!

and finally my front windows. Jack put them up. Sometimes the most effective display is the simple one. We just love Autumn in our house!!



  1. Irene says:

    These are lovely. The pictures reminded me of the Julianne Moore movie Far From Here. Do you know it? The cinematography is so incredible. A lot of autumn leaves in the trailer.

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