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I tend to have a lot to rattle on about that is just about the goings on in my life and not really necessarily about Jewish stuff. So where do I put that in the site? Why a blog, of course! I don't write one every day, but I write them often. If you'd like to subscribe to receive them via email, just add your name under my photo on the right. Please comment too! I love to hear your thoughts.

A Summer of Rainbows


We are spending lazy days in the garden. Mr Stone has been making the bulk of our meals; barbecuing fish and home grown veg with his cherished Weber grill. The cooking I've done is limited to grilled vegetable dishes including my fabulous lasagne … [Read more...]

Passover Yum or Yech?


My friend Erin cracks me up. We were invited to her mother-in-law's house for the second night of Pesach. We Stones were THRILLED to be part of a large family setting for the event--a small Seder at home just isn't the same. Lots of children meant … [Read more...]

Passover Prep


Well, the week leading up to Passover [click here for the short passover explanation!] is the busiest cleaning week of the year at our house. I am one with the vinegar, newspaper and brillo pads!! Every glass surface has been vinegared, and every … [Read more...]

And EVERYONE wore green!


Happy Saint Patrick's Day! We took the boys to their first parade. Here in the Midwest the celebrations and parades are crazy huge! Chicago dyes the river green and it's just gets sillier from there. A gazillion Irish people settled in the middle … [Read more...]

Tooth Fairy Dilemma


Jack lost his top front tooth this week. It's very exciting in the Stone house. Bittersweet for me, I have to say, to see his baby teeth fall. He's growing up so fast. Yet I was distracted by the big debate that surfaced. Which tooth fairy would come … [Read more...]

The Triplets Came to Play!


Jack has triplets in his kindergarten class at school. Three very well behaved, absolutely darling boys. Two are identical and one is fraternal. Jack is very proud that he can tell them all apart. He rattles on about their individual, special … [Read more...]

Local Friends


Jack has been making friends at school. Many of them live in our neighborhood which has been really great. It's super convenient, and the streets are so quiet that these boys can ride their bikes to each other's houses without any worry! Jack is … [Read more...]

Warehouse Flea Markets Are FAB!


Okay, one of the things I love about the midwest are the flea markets. They are like boot sales, but inside cool old industrial loft buildings and filled with more antiques, less junk. I went to a fabulous one this weekend with some moms from school. … [Read more...]

Boy Jacks, Apple Jacks and Cracker Jacks


Last Friday I had the opportunity to visit Jack's classroom and read to the class a childhood book of my choice. I selected 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It's a classic, and one of my favorites. If you haven't read it, … [Read more...]

My baby dances like a 1930′s swinging star!


Max loves music. Especially Jazz. This kid has rhythm. Where does he get this from? He can't even walk without holding on to furniture, but he swaggers to jazz like Gene Kelly is channeling him. The jazz goes on and he places a hand on his tummy, … [Read more...]

Bottled Root beer Milk

rootbeer milk

It's a Midwest thing. I've only ever seen it here, but WOW is it good. My friend Erin recommended it. I wasn't sure if I would like it. I do drink a lot of milk, but I rarely crave a root beer float. She said it's creamier than milk, but not exactly … [Read more...]

I hired a plumber for all of the wrong reasons


Okay, so we needed a plumber. The new house was beginning to smell like raw sewage. That's NEVER a good sign. So I called a plumber to come out to find out what's wrong. We can't have raw sewage seeping into the walls. Especially with a baby. So … [Read more...]

New Year, New Home


After 10 years in lovely Seaside England, we've jumped the pond and set up home in a Midwest Cape cod. It's all a bit sudden, it's all a bit bittersweet. We love England. We're renting that home, we can go back. I've always wanted to live in a Cape … [Read more...]

My Hanukkah Home

Hanukkah Bush 3

For Hanukkah I like to decorate my home with lots of homemade decorations. My Hanukkah 'Bush' is no exception. It's one of my favorite Hanukkah decorations to show off all my homemade trinkets and baubles, treats and gifts for my family. I'll show … [Read more...]

A twirl on the eye for Mr. Jack


Jack has been driving us crazy about the giant Ferris wheel that has been erected in Brighton recently. He keeps looking it up on the Internet and rattling off trivia about it. It's terribly exciting to have a ferris wheel in tangible proximity when … [Read more...]

Thankful Traditions


So today is America's Thanksgiving. And even though we Stones reside in the UK, we are reared Americans [well at least Mr. Stone and I are, it's odd to think our boys are not] and we grew up with Thanksgiving. We may be eight thousand miles away … [Read more...]

Halloween 2011


Our Halloween was a so much fun! Since it's now past and the home page has moved on, I'm summarizing the Halloween links here for your enjoyment in case you missed any of it! I hope your Halloween was fantastic too!! Photos from the Halloween Party … [Read more...]

Bake Sale Best Sellers!

rice krispie treats bake sale bestsellers

I've been baking all day for Jack's school's bake sale. A labour of love it is! 6 Dozen Flapjacks, 4 dozen rice krispie treats, 1 dozen extra-special brownies and 100 toffee apples. Yes, I said 100. Mind you, I'm not the only one baking. I'm sure … [Read more...]

Inspiring Halloween Baking Visuals


Here's a compilation of inspiring baking ideas for Halloween!  Sometimes I just need a quick visual reference to inspire me to be creative with baking. This is my growing compilation of Hallowee visuals. I thought since I'm making it for me, I … [Read more...]

Our Potato Harvest

home grown potatoes

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know potatoes are super duper cheap at the grocery store. But that's not the point. I'm trying to show Jack the magic of growing our own vegetables. Besides, really fresh potatoes taste amazing. Like you can't even imagine. Soo much … [Read more...]

Our Halloween Home

paper mache witch

Halloween Madness at our house! Here are some photos of the house decorated from this week...   We made the witch last year. Isn't she cool?!   The bunting and cardboard spiders are also homemade. Check out my halloween craft … [Read more...]

Jack’s Prized Pumpkin


Pumpkins are an essential accessory for Halloween. Last year we took Jack to a farm where he selected his own pumpkin. He was amazed that it grew from a seed. Gardening is a joy that Jack has embraced, so when we carved last year's pumpkin we held … [Read more...]

The numbers are addictive!


I seem to be obsessed with the web traffic numbers lately. I'm humbled that so many people touch the site. Thank you very much. I love your comments too. Keep them coming. But I can't seem to stop peeking at the analytics.  I feel silly when I do … [Read more...]

The Best Vegetarian Lasagna

lasagna before it goes in the oven

I don't care if I'm not Italian, I'll still proclaim it from the tops of the chimney pots. I make The Best Lasagna. It's vegetarian, of course. But no one would notice unless I told them. I put quorn in it. I put all sorts of amazing things in it. … [Read more...]

Jack the caped crusader!

Jack the caped crusader

The weather was glorious today. It was clear and bright and the air felt fresh and crisp. We were just heading out for a beach walk when the post man arrived. My mother sent a parcel from American full of Halloween goodies. With Max in the buggy … [Read more...]

Grocery shopping with my three-eyed baby!!


So Jack was playing with googley eyeball stickers today. You know the type. They are those tacky, eyeball-moves-when-you-shake-them-stickers. He loves them. Well, he's five. So we'll cut him some slack for thinking they are cool. Anyway, he put one … [Read more...]

Fighting like cats and dogs, but they secretly are friends


The animal situation in our home can be a bit mental at times. Our cat Cosmo and Jack's dog Gracie chase each other around the house--or more accurately Gracie taunts Cosmo and he takes chase. They run up and down the stairs after each other like … [Read more...]

I had my eyebrows threaded! At the mall no less.


It's a bit of a cringe-worthy moment to sit in a chair in the middle of busy walking mall traffic but I closed my eyes and pretended I wasn't there.  I've never had this procedure done before. Here's what I can say about it: 1) Ouch! Way worse … [Read more...]

My son looks like a Kewpie doll


Is it me? Or is Max the human version of a kewpie doll? And you can't tell me it's all babies because I never ever thought this about Jack. … [Read more...]

Happy Sukkot Everyone!


This is a joyous week on the Jewish calendar. We're celebrating the Autumn festival known as Sukkot. [To read more about it, click here.] It's a time to cherish spending time with family and friends outdoors in the crisp Autumn air. As long as it's … [Read more...]

All a man needs…


is a workbench. Mr. Stone loves his workbench. Despite not showing an interest or talent toward fixing up anything construction-wise in our home, he has spent countless hours in the garden shed creating a space to house his peg board of tools and … [Read more...]

Quality time is sometimes doing nothing at all

2011-09-18 19.08.18

Mr. Stone dragged us to the beach tonight. By dragged, I mean we were all doing things in the house, on a roll, every day tasks in life. But he was insistant. Stop folding laundry. The boys don't need baths. C'mon! The Sunset is beautiful! He … [Read more...]

Cooking on TV!


The episode has been streamed to the Channel Five web site for Channel 5 on Demand. It's actually pretty exciting! I didn't cringe [watching it live] as much as I thought I would. Enjoy:   Here's hoping my Food Network Debut is … [Read more...]

I seem to be obsessed with polka dots


What is it about polka dots? I just can't get enough. I have polka dots on everything I can get my hands on. Is it my love for the nostalgia of the 1950's? Probably. They are just so cheerful. Who can frown when you're looking at polka dots. Not … [Read more...]

One of the Last Boot Sales


I love Boot Sales. Boot fairs. Antiques Markets. Open air markets, they are all fabulous in my book. Any opportunity to be outside during gorgeous weather, shopping for bargains, hunting for treasures--it's all magic to me. They are seasonal though. … [Read more...]

The awful plastic thing I can’t live without


My life has been saved by a terrible looking piece of plastic. Well, ‘saved’ is probably a bit melodramatic. But not far off. Max is teething. He’s REALLY not a happy camper this week. All four front teeth are coming in at once. Poor little … [Read more...]

Rosh Hashanah


Rosh Hashanah is around the corner. It's nearly here! I'm not uber religious, but I really think tradition is a great thing. And the traditions surrounding Rosh Hashanah make a lot of sense to me. It's our New Year, time to start afresh. The Shofar … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday


At the weekend we went to a beautiful birthday party at our local park, just off the seafront. Park parties are fantastic for little kids as they are relaxed but provide the soft landing that wee ones need.  The little girl, Iris, is very lucky. … [Read more...]

My Autumn Hair is a Disaster


Well disaster may be too strong a word. It's not what I had planned. You see, the weather is feeling very Autumninal. [sp?] My hair was looking a bit too-much-chlorine-too-much-summer-in-Spain and the final straw [pun intended] was when a respected … [Read more...]