Crafts for Little Fingers

I love crafting. Especially with kids. I have been photographing sewing and craft projects for about five years. But I've only just started putting them in the site. So please be patient. I'm updating all the time, and I will catch up. I have lots to show you for this section. Soon. I promise.


Popsicle Stick Hanukkah Stars

star pops

Making a popsicle Star of David is something every child should at least try! It's such a simple but fun craft that kids of all ages can enjoy. All you'll need for 1 star: 6 popsicle sticks Paint Glue Glitter I'd recommend placing … [Read more...]

Homemade Gift: Rock Frame

homemade gift rockframe

Home made gifts are great for kids to make over holidays, particularly Hanukkah. I love to encourage my boys to create home made gifts and I really encourage them to recycle unused objects around the home. It's a really Victorian way of making … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Pilgrim and Indian Hats


Pilgrim Hats and Indian Headbands are a great craft for older kids to make and really bring Thanksgiving alive. There are many ways to make these hats, but for now, I'm going to show you how to make them out of paper as it's so fun for kids to do … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Turkey Place Settings

These turkey place settings are great fun for kids to make as it's a messy but fantastic way to create a plump turkey place setting. Whatever your child's age, these place settings always turn out looking great in different colours, shapes and sizes. … [Read more...]

Hanukkah Lanterns


Hanukkah Lanterns are a fantastic craft for kids and lovely gift for them to give to their family. They are fun and messy in equal measure but very easy to make. They look great indoors by a window with a small tea light illuminating the glass day by … [Read more...]

Halloween Crafts


Here's my growing compilation of  THE BEST Halloween Crafts and Baking Projects for Kids! I hope you'll find these ideas useful and fun! I'll be adding to this list all month so please bookmark it and keep coming … [Read more...]

Cheesecloth Ghosts!


Cheescloth [or Muslin as it's known in the UK] Ghosts are easy and fun to make. This is a great craft project for kids and I think they effect is great, don't you? To make these wonderful Ghosts all you need is: Some Milk bottles or glass jars … [Read more...]

Halloween Snow Globes


Halloween Snow Globes are fast and easy to make and require few materials to create the wonderful effect. They are great to have around the house over Halloween for kids to shake and see what's inside. All you'll need: 1 glass jar and lid [we … [Read more...]

Home Made Play Doh


Play Doh is loved by children of all ages. It's very easy to make it from scratch in your kitchen, as long as you have a microwave. This craft project is ideal for a rainy day, make many colours and spend the afternoon playing with it! I like to add … [Read more...]