I don't have the world's greenest thumb. Nor do I have a very big garden, in fact it's almost completely a container garden.

But I've managed to create an oasis of flowers and fragrance that everyone compliments! My windows are flush with flowers and the garden is a delight to sit in with a cup of tea.

My space may be small, but I've honed the containers to bring us joy spreads across several seasons. I hope the tips you find in this section inspire you to care for your garden what ever its size.


Jack’s Prized Pumpkin


Pumpkins are an essential accessory for Halloween. Last year we took Jack to a farm where he selected his own pumpkin. He was amazed that it grew from a seed. Gardening is a joy that Jack has embraced, so when we carved last year's pumpkin we held … [Read more...]

My Top Tips for Small Gardens


So here are my top tips for those of you with small gardens like mine.  I hope my garden tips inspire you! Containers are easy to use if you remember these three rules: Drainage: You must poke big holes and add rocks to the bottom and/or … [Read more...]

Hanging Flower Baskets


Hanging baskets are a beautiful addition to a home and garden whatever their size. I have a few tips that are essential to ensure your hanging baskets blossom and bloom through the spring and summer months. I hope you find these tips … [Read more...]