happy cleaning

A clean house feels wonderful and is enjoyed by the whole family. Don't just clean when company is coming; get into a routine and clean for your own enjoyment. I actually really get into cleaning. I find great satisfaction in getting those corners scrubbed and bringing back a shine. Take pride in your home and make it sparkle.


How to Polish Silver


Silverware is a wonderful addition to a holiday dining table. I love to use my silver cutlery on special occasions, particularly at Hanukkah. Over the year my silver undergoes a chemical reaction, looking tarnish and unloved. Every so often I spend … [Read more...]

How to varnish brick or tile floors

varnished shiny brick floor

For the Halloween party prep last week I focused on ensuring the corners were clean and the floors are shiny! To the latter, our kitchen floor is half brick half flagstone so a regular wash and wax does not give it any wow factor whatsoever. … [Read more...]

Getting Rid of Moth Larvae in Carpet!


I like to think of myself as someone who tries their best to discourage moths and other pests from setting up camp in my home. With lots of vintage clothing items stored away in my wardrobe, I've always been diligent, using cedar, rosemary and even … [Read more...]

How to really wash clothes


There's a lot of laundry in our house. There's probably a lot of laundry in everyone's house, but I only wash clothes once a week so it really looks like a lot in ours. I realize that some people wash clothes every day. Good for them. I can't do … [Read more...]

How to launder and clean upholstered fabric slipcovers


Most sofas I've seen have the ability to unzip and remove their covers. This is, of course, so we can wash them. There's nothing like a clean sofa, it lifts a room! In my home with a dog, a cat, a boy, a baby, a husband and a fair few rambunctious … [Read more...]

Cleaning Wooden Kitchen Surfaces


In my kitchen, I have a wooden butcher block. You'll probably have seen me preparing food on this wooden surface in my cooking and baking videos. As you can probably tell, this butcher block gets a lot of use. To care for my work surface, I prefer to … [Read more...]

Thoroughly Cleaning Painted Wood Floors


I love painted wood floors they're practical for families with young children (and those of us susceptible to spilling the odd glass of red wine) and really brighten up spaces. They require little attention. I sweep my floors twice a week, mop them … [Read more...]

Vinegar Cleaning Mirrors and Glass


I have a lot of windows and mirrors in my home and love each and every one of them to look pristine. I've found a brilliant non-toxic solution to make- what could otherwise be an arduous task of cleaning and scrubbing- really easy just by using … [Read more...]

Cleaning a Microwave with a Lemon

how to clean a microwave with a lemon

Sometimes the inside (and outside) of microwaves can just get a little bit grubby. I don't like using toxic cleaning solutions where I cook and prepare food. I've discovered an inexpensive, non-toxic solution that works really well at getting rid of … [Read more...]