I absolutely love Halloween! It's one of my favourite celebrations of the year. I hope you're inspired by my growing list of suggestions below!


Halloween 2011


Our Halloween was a so much fun! Since it's now past and the home page has moved on, I'm summarizing the Halloween links here for your enjoyment in case you missed any of it! I hope your Halloween was fantastic too!! Photos from the Halloween Party … [Read more...]

Inspiring Halloween Baking Visuals


Here's a compilation of inspiring baking ideas for Halloween!  Sometimes I just need a quick visual reference to inspire me to be creative with baking. This is my growing compilation of Hallowee visuals. I thought since I'm making it for me, I … [Read more...]

Black cat templates


What's Halloween without a black cat! Pull these templates into microsoft word, stretch them to size and print them out to create a great and easy Halloween decoration! Imagine one of these cats on your fireplace mantel or on top of a … [Read more...]

Rat Templates!

rat decorations for halloween

Black paper rats create a very cool effect on skirting boards and painted stairs. Here's my collection of rat silhouettes for you to enjoy! Simply right click on any rat to download them. Insert into Microsoft word or eqiv and stretch to your … [Read more...]

Halloween Outdoors!


No spooky house is complete without a creepy front entry! We've really had fun decorating outside our front door this year. A home should be festive for the trick-or-treaters! I hope you find these ideas inspiring! These decorations are a … [Read more...]

Our Halloween Home

paper mache witch

Halloween Madness at our house! Here are some photos of the house decorated from this week...   We made the witch last year. Isn't she cool?!   The bunting and cardboard spiders are also homemade. Check out my halloween craft … [Read more...]

Alligator/Crocodile/Dragon/Monster/Electric Eel Easy Sew Costume


Perhaps it's all kids but especially my boy Jack--he loves to dress up but he wants to be comfy. He does not want to feel restricted in a costume. So I tend to make dress up out of clothes he already has that I can add to. It's easier on me and more … [Read more...]

Super Easy No-Sew Yoda Costume


Jack was invited to a Star Wars themed party this weekend.  To be honest, I forgot we had to make a costume for it until  Jack looked at the wall calendar and reminded me. The day before. However, he'd never seen the films, so he wasn't sure which … [Read more...]

Halloween Crafts


Here's my growing compilation of  THE BEST Halloween Crafts and Baking Projects for Kids! I hope you'll find these ideas useful and fun! I'll be adding to this list all month so please bookmark it and keep coming … [Read more...]

Cheesecloth Ghosts!


Cheescloth [or Muslin as it's known in the UK] Ghosts are easy and fun to make. This is a great craft project for kids and I think they effect is great, don't you? To make these wonderful Ghosts all you need is: Some Milk bottles or glass jars … [Read more...]

Halloween Snow Globes


Halloween Snow Globes are fast and easy to make and require few materials to create the wonderful effect. They are great to have around the house over Halloween for kids to shake and see what's inside. All you'll need: 1 glass jar and lid [we … [Read more...]

Halloween Templates: Spiders and Spooky Bats


Spiders and Bats are creepy any time of the year but around Halloween they get even creepier! I like to make hanging spiders and Bats to dot around my house. You wouldn't believe how many people think they're real! It's a fun way to trick your … [Read more...]

Halloween Painted Lanterns


Halloween Painted Lanterns are such a fun craft for kids. They are really easy to make and look fantastic inside or outside. You can choose the size and shape of your lantern and be creative when it comes to choosing your characters. Jack and I made … [Read more...]

Spooky Halloween Wreath

spooky halloween wreath home made easy to make

Spooky Halloween Wreaths are the perfect way to horrify trick-or-treaters before they knock on your door...if they dare! It's really easy to make a Halloween Wreath with basic materials which you can easily pick up from your local craft store. If … [Read more...]

Halloween Cupcakes


Halloween Cupcakes are the perfect size to decorate your halloween party feast. The icing against the softness of the sponge is a great combination. You really can be as creative as you like using the icing to write 'trick or treat' across your 12 … [Read more...]

Halloween Fondant Cookies


  Halloween Fondant Cookies are a fantastic addition to a Halloween Party. You can be as creative and ghoulish as you like, using food colourings and different shaped and size cookie cutters. Halloween Fondant … [Read more...]

Craft Project: Paper Mache Witch

paper mache witch for halloween

 This Paper Mache witch is very easy to make and so incredibly effective on the spookiness scale! The most important part is to get the face and hands right so have fun and take your time with the paper mache. As you'll see in the instructions … [Read more...]

Craft Project: Halloween ‘Trick or Treat’ Bunting

trick or treat bunting

Craft Project: Halloween 'Trick or Treat' Bunting Print   Cook time: 60 mins Total time: 1 hour Ingredients Instructions On a piece of paper, draw a triangle to use as a template for your bunting flags. Experiment with different … [Read more...]

Craft Project: Halloween ‘BOO!’ Bunting

halloween bunting

                    Craft Project: Halloween 'BOO!' Bunting Print   Cook time: 30 mins Total time: 30 mins Ingredients Instructions With a piece of … [Read more...]

Halloweens Past– photo inspirations


We throw a really great Halloween party at our house every year. We invite, something like 40-60 kids and their parents to come trash our house all in the name of good, spooky fun! And the house, of course, get's decorated for it. I ask everyone to … [Read more...]