Sometimes we just need to kvetch. It's like bitching, but less bitchy. Join me in my rants. It's cathartic.


What is it about Club Penguins?


It irkes me. Annoys me. From the music in the background to the time it sucks away from my son's brain, I just don't get it. Paris says let him enjoy it. All kids need something to escape into sometimes. We don't have an xbox or a Wii or any of the … [Read more...]

Max won’t nap! Except when he’s not supposed to…


Max aka Sprinkles just refuses to take a nap. I've tried everything! I'll wear him out playing. I'll make him all snuggly and comfy. I'll make him a warm bottle. He'll yawn, He'll rub his eyes, but the second I put him in the cot, he bounces up and … [Read more...]

Miserable Fabric Ladies


So I went to a fabric chain today that starts with a 'J' to find fabric to sew curtains for the kitchen. Kitchen curtains are so easy to sew, and the right fabric will tie the new kitchen paint in even better. But, wow! What an awful store in my … [Read more...]

I love it but…


It leaks. It leaks OIL!!!!!!!!!! OMG, what have I done?! Okay those that know me know that I love Land Rovers. I need the space. I haul stuff. I need the room. But my last one leaked rain. The water would drip in just over the horn and set the … [Read more...]

Gracie is obsessed with cleaning Max’s ears


What is with this dog? She won't leave Max's ears alone. She wants to constantly lick them clean. And if his face is dirty, that too. And dare I admit this, but last week he had a soiled nappy and as he crawled around the floor she pulled it off and … [Read more...]

Jack’s questions stump me


He's making me feel like a crap mom. Jack keeps asking me questions I just cannot come up with an answer on the spot. Maybe I'm just tired. Yes, that must be it. Not. He's too clever for me. Take today for example. He was eating a tomato … [Read more...]

Why can’t my boys sit still for a photograph?!


All I would like is a photo of my boys, all three, facing the camera and smiling. Is that too much to ask?!  Mr. Stone, look at the camera. Ignore the boys! Jack, open your eyes!  Jack! Look at the camera. Mr. Stone, look at the camera!!! Jack, … [Read more...]

It’s not okay to cook alone…


...when you're under the age of six. Jack is going through a very defiant, "I know how to do it!!" stage and thinks it's okay to cook alone. IT'S NOT OKAY!! This independence started a couple of weeks ago when Jack woke up early on a Sunday morning. … [Read more...]

My baby no longer folds


This is the defiant face of a my little bundle of joy WHO NO LONGER FOLDS. As in, he won't sit in a car seat. Or a stroller. Or his bumbo high chair. Or anything else that requires him to fold. Sitting is OFF the agenda. Any attempt to force him to … [Read more...]

I Kill Mieles


As in Miele vacuum cleaners. Oh, and I've killed a Bosch top-of-the-range hepa vacuum too. Seriously. I've killed THREE vacuum cleaners in the past 18 months. Five in the past three years. Three of them were still under warranty and I was give a … [Read more...]

Where do you draw the party invitation line?


I'd like to think that Jack and Max will have a childhood reputation as the boys that throw great parties. And I hope that they'll carry this into their adult life. It's a skillset I put a lot of emphasis on because it's a form of socializing centred … [Read more...]

The Crazy People Have Come Out!!


Is it me, or are there more crazy people out-and-about this week?! Or have I just had more than my fair share? Perhaps the full moon is making people nutty. At the beginning of the week a slightly unhinged but nice enough builder showed up at our … [Read more...]

Of course Jewish kids should celebrate Halloween!

Jewish Halloween

When I searched on Google for  'Jewish + Halloween' I came across some disturbing results! I read a blog on an official Jewish site and it said Jewish people should not celebrate Halloween. In my opinion, that's ridiculous! Unless you're uber … [Read more...]

The Essex A&E Adventure


So Sprinkles had his MMR jabs [vaccinations] on Thursday. Then Mr. Stone surprised me with a secretly booked weekend excursion to a lovely hotel in Essex countryside. [In the middle of all this life stuff, it was our wedding anniversary. Bless that … [Read more...]

It’s sweet potato and nothing but!


My whole world is focused on ensuring my family is happy. It's defined in different ways for all of my boys; Mr. Stone wants a sparkly clean house, Jack wants to be popular at school so we host/shlep Jack on an endless cycle of playdates, and … [Read more...]

Exotic Bugs have invaded my home! Eeek!


Mr. Stone is a sucker for free give-aways. He loves any offer where he thinks he's getting a deal. Even if we didn't need the item. The 'Real Life Bugs' magazines have been another such thing. This weekly on our newsstand offered a scorpion for 99p … [Read more...]

The box in the fridge we don’t talk about

mr stone and gracie

So there's this box in our fridge. It's a tupperware, snap tight box. Cringe. And it's full of meat scraps. Uber cringe. We don't eat meat, we're pesche vegetarians. And our kitchen is Kosher. Blowtorched by the Rabbi, tools dipped in the Mikvah, the … [Read more...]

It’s too much effort to be Canadian, eh?


Americans tend to make fun of how Canadians speak. They do something with their 'ou' words so words like 'about' which we pronounce /ah'bowt/ sounds like /ah'boat/ They also end their sentences with 'eh' and we think that's funny. It's a … [Read more...]

Mr. Stone WOKE ME UP to change the baby. Seriously.


Yes. Seriously. After all his meddling with my creative late-hour antics, I finally agreed to get a good night's sleep last night. I slept for eight hours. Eight hours! Unheard of, for me anyway. Bliss. I can see why people like sleep. Too bad my … [Read more...]

The bottles of Elderflower keep exploding


Mr. Stone's bottles of Elderflower Champagne keep exploding. Everyone thinks this is funny. Except me. Mr. Stone and Tazz foraged, made and bottled way too many bottles of Elderflower champagne this year. Mind you, it's yummy. But it's under … [Read more...]

The Sea Monkeys are Pregnant, Again.


 I gave Jack Sea Monkeys for the first night of Hanukkah last year. [I do appreciate, on a guttural level, the inappropriateness of this gift as they are technically in the brine shrimp family and bottom feeders and all that...buy hey ho we aren't … [Read more...]