Chocolate Truffles


These wonderful chocolate treats make a fantastic homemade gift, boxed up and beautifully presented. They are also a wonderfully decadent treat for Valentine's day! Chocolate Truffles are actually very easy to make and you can make quite a lot of … [Read more...]

Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies

heart cookies

These wonderful Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies are a great treat for everyone. It's simply my sugar cookie dough recipe with a pink icing. Don't they look fantastic? I hope you try making these wonderful cookies this Valentine's … [Read more...]



Doughnuts are a true Hanukkah recipe that everyone can enjoy. But sometimes people can be fussy when it comes to their favourite doughnut- don't worry! This recipe acts as a base for a huge variety of different fillings and toppings that will truly … [Read more...]

Hanukkah Star Cookies


These sugar-soft star cookies are Jack's favourite. They look and taste incredible and with the sparkling glitter icing they are really fun to make! Below you'll find my recipe card for the ultimate cookie dough, my own video with step-by-step … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Cookie Dough Recipe


It feels like baking weather so I've decided to post one of my best recipes ever! We all want to know how to make the perfect cookie dough recipe for using fabulous cookie cutters. Well, this is THE perfect dough. It took me years to perfect it but I … [Read more...]

How to Rectify Dry Cookie Dough


Everyone has had dry dough at some follow a recipe to the letter and it doesn't come out for you the way it did in the recipe! Here's how to fix cookie dough that is too dry, too floury and un-kneadable! The most important thing to … [Read more...]



I'm a busy mom, busy person--who isn't busy, right? However, Challah is really pretty important in the basic-ness of Jewish-ness...and I really REALLY want to encourage you to bake it weekly even if do little else [well, this and light your candles! … [Read more...]

Halloween Fondant Cookies


  Halloween Fondant Cookies are a fantastic addition to a Halloween Party. You can be as creative and ghoulish as you like, using food colourings and different shaped and size cookie cutters. Halloween Fondant … [Read more...]

Rice Krispie Treats


Rice Krispie Treats are a great treat for kids. Packed full of rice krispies and marshmallows they go flying off the plate as soon as they are ready! I use a combination of marshmallow and marshmallow flush for this recipe but, being in England it's … [Read more...]

Pinwheel Cookies


Pinwheel Cookies just look so impressively fantastic. They pull in all that's great about chocolate cookies and the classic sugar soft cookie in to one big swirl.         Pinwheel Cookies Print   Prep … [Read more...]

Almond Cookies


Almond cookies are a real treat. They are the perfect accommpaniment to a cup of tea and are great for those, like my husband, who don't have a real sweet tooth as they have a deep yet subtle flavour. They're not a heavy cookie so it's easy to … [Read more...]



Rugelach is traditionally an eastern European dessert. In fact, it's one of the world's oldest cookies. It's a very filling cookie, almost like a meal in itself! They smell incredible when they're cooking, the cinnamon and nuts warming and baking … [Read more...]



Macaroons are incredibly delicious. They are easy to make and are a fantastic present to give away for Hanukkah this time of year. Everyone will enjoy a bag of homemade macaroons  tied with a pretty blue bow! There's also no better way to … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Chocolate chip cookies are a classic. It's difficult to find real chocolate chip cookies in stores and cafes here in England. So I've spend quite a lot of time over the past decade or so perfecting my cookie recipe! I hope you enjoy making these … [Read more...]



Hamentaschen is central to Purim. It is a classic Jewish cookie that's really easy to make and very tasty. It's shape is supposed to represent Hamen's hat but Jack just calls them 'the jewish triangle cookies', which is good enough for me. I hope you … [Read more...]

Sugar Soft Star Cookies


I have two types of cookie dough recipes. This one is a softer dough, ideal for sprinkles and basic icing. The other is a irmer dough suitable for more detailed cutters and thicker fondants. But this dough is soft and malleable, the perfect … [Read more...]

M&M Chocolate Cookies


Jack loves M&Ms. Baking M&M cookies a great way for to encourage him to stretch out the bag rather than scoff them all down at once. M&Ms can be swapped for smarties and other sugarcoated … [Read more...]

Black and White Cookies


Black and White Cookies are an elegant alternative to sparklingly sweet sugar soft sprinkled biscuits. I like to make my Black and White Cookies using only dark chocolate. I find using white chocolate can make these cookies a little too sweet. Using … [Read more...]