Baked Apple With Ice Cream


This recipe is a healthier take on the traditional apple pie. It's just a cooked baking apple, a dash of cinnamon and a healthy dollop of ice cream. It's simple but tastes amazing! I hope you enjoy this recipe.   Baked Apple With Ice … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Pie


 Pumpkin Pie has robust pastry base, a light fluffy texture with subtle spices that make it the perfect autumnal dessert. You can use real pumpkin flesh or simply use pumpkin from a can. I tend to go the can route unless it's Halloween and we've … [Read more...]

Apple Tart


Apple Tarts are a healthier alternative to Apple Pies, using less pastry, they also show off an attractive layering of baked apple slices. This is the perfect tart for parties, it's easily sliced and tastes … [Read more...]

Heart Apple Pie


This pie is the ultimate definition of baked love! It's big, it's heart-shaped and it really does feel like a warm hug! A great dessert to spoil a loved one on Valentine's Day or a treat for the family all year round. Obviously to make this exact pie … [Read more...]

Mini Apple Pies


  How darling are these? Miniature versions of apple pie. There's no way to make your guests feel more special than offering each of them their own apple pie! These mini pies require exactly the same method as a traditional apple pie except … [Read more...]

Blueberry Pie


Blueberry Pie is a real comfort food, served warm with a big scoop of ice cream, it's the perfect family dessert. Pastry can be tricky to perfect so if you're not completely confident just roll out ready-to-use pastry or a bag to which you add water. … [Read more...]



Rugelach is traditionally an eastern European dessert. In fact, it's one of the world's oldest cookies. It's a very filling cookie, almost like a meal in itself! They smell incredible when they're cooking, the cinnamon and nuts warming and baking … [Read more...]



Hamentaschen is central to Purim. It is a classic Jewish cookie that's really easy to make and very tasty. It's shape is supposed to represent Hamen's hat but Jack just calls them 'the jewish triangle cookies', which is good enough for me. I hope you … [Read more...]



Named after the Jewish dancer Ana Pavlova, these mirangues are incredibly delicious! It's a great dessert to bring to a party and because they are easy to make, taste amazing, AND they are flourless so great for wheat-free friends and IDEAL for … [Read more...]

Jewish ‘New York Style’ Cheesecake


 When I tell people that I'm Jewish, a comment I often hear is "Ooh, I bet you make good cheesecake!" Well, yes actually I do! I think it's in our genetics. We're expected to make good cheesecake. So get practicing. Your friends and family will … [Read more...]