French Toast

french toast

French toast is a great weekend meal to enjoy with your family. Jack and I make French toast together on Sunday mornings. He loves cracking the eggs and dunking the thick sliced bread ready for the griddle pan. In this video, Jack and I show you just … [Read more...]

Egg Crumpets


Egg crumpets make the perfect breakfast on the go. These little breakfast sandwiches are both quick, easy and most importantly nutritious to serve up to all members of the family as they run out the front door.     Egg Crumpets … [Read more...]

American Style Pancakes


Living in England, it's sometimes difficult to find real American food.  I don't miss much, but I do miss the ease of going out to breakfast places and just ordering pancakes. It's not so easy to do that over here! So I've spent many morning over … [Read more...]

Perfect Omelette


Here you'll find the best recipe ever for the perfect omelette. I hope you enjoy it!           Perfect Omelette Print Recipe type: Breakfast Prep time: 2 mins Cook time: 8 mins Total time: 10 … [Read more...]

Funny Face Eggs on Toast


If you have trouble encouraging your kids (or husband) to eat a big breakfast, this simple trick might help you out. I like to make eggs on toast with a smile. I hope this brightens up your day as much as it does my … [Read more...]

Eggs Florentine


Eggs Florentine are a great breakfast meal if you have the time. They are also very easy to make, a wonderful treat for mums on Mother's Day or any other day for that matter (Hint … [Read more...]