Easy Sew: Shopping Bag


Everyone seems to love my sewing tips and videos so I've made another one! Shopping bags are a fantastic accessory that have so many uses. These wonderful bags have become more and more expensive over time, plus they're not always the size, colour … [Read more...]

Easy Sewing: Bunting


Bunting is very easy to sew and creates a lovely gift or a beautiful decoration for your home. This is an ideal project that only requires very basic sewing skills, it's all a straight line! I've made many buntings in less than ten minutes as a quick … [Read more...]

Easy Sewing: Draw String Bag


Draw string bags are so easy to make and require very basic sewing skills. I've made draw string bags to carry Max's essentials (nappies, spare clothes, cream and wipes) and I've made Jack a laundry bag. Draw String Bags can have so many uses, just … [Read more...]

Easy Sewing: Cushion Cover


Cushion covers can be very expensive. It's crazy since it's just two pieces of fabric sewn together! Plus, in shops you really don't get much variation in style or fabric, it's just not worth the money! I like to make cushion covers using material … [Read more...]

How to sew a Baby Changing Mat


Baby changing mats are super expensive, way too big and they always have strange designs on the fabric! I made a baby changing mat for Max that's just the right size and in a fabric I like. This method cost near nothing and does a brilliant job. I … [Read more...]

Easy Sewing: Baby Sleeping Gro-Bag


Ensuring that your baby has a safe sleep is something all parents can relate to. It's been heavily documented and recommended to not put blankets in cots before the age of two. To keep your baby comfortable, baby sleeping bags, or gro bags as they … [Read more...]

Basic Sewing Tips


Sewing is a wonderful skill, it opens so many possibilities in your home. I'm not the world's best seamstress but with very basic sewing skills I am able to make wonderful gifts and items for my friends and family from bunting and cushions to baby … [Read more...]