How to launder and clean upholstered fabric slipcovers


Most sofas I've seen have the ability to unzip and remove their covers. This is, of course, so we can wash them. There's nothing like a clean sofa, it lifts a room! In my home with a dog, a cat, a boy, a baby, a husband and a fair few rambunctious … [Read more...]

How to Fabric Cover a Table


I appreciate that not everyone is lucky enough to have a craft room with an art table. Having a padded pvc or oil cloth fabric covered table has many opportunities beyond a craft table though. This type of fabric is very practical and comes in a … [Read more...]

How to Reupholster Furniture


I'm like MacGuyver with my staple gun. It's one of the items I'd bring with me if I was stranded on a desert island. Among the many great uses, upholstery is a fast and very satisfying project. I learned how to upholster from my mother who in turn … [Read more...]

Easy Sewing: Cushion Cover


Cushion covers can be very expensive. It's crazy since it's just two pieces of fabric sewn together! Plus, in shops you really don't get much variation in style or fabric, it's just not worth the money! I like to make cushion covers using material … [Read more...]

How to Re-Plump a Tired Chair Cushion


Sometimes soft furnishings can just look a bit depressed, don't you think? My husband, two boys, dog and my cat all love to jump on, climb over, laze about and leap from my sofas and chairs. They are certainly used and abused, no wonder they … [Read more...]