Sometimes it's just easier to print out and trace! All templates are re-sizable. Simply download the image to your desktop, insert as a picture into Microsoft Word and drag the corner to resize. These are also great for making colouring pages. Enjoy!


Valentine’s Day Templates


Here you'll find my templates for Valentine's Day, from hearts, to keys to arrows, all your Valentine's day crafts will be possible! Simply save the image, re-size in Photoshop or Word, print, cut and trace!   … [Read more...]

Winter Templates


Winter is a beautiful time for home made crafts and interior decoration. Here you'll find templates for all things winter. … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Templates

leafs templates

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for crafts, from home decorations to gifts to thank our loved ones. Here are a few templates, check back as I'll always be adding more! … [Read more...]

Hanukkah Templates

meorah template

Here is my collection of Hanukkah templates which can be used for a wide variety of Hanukkah crafts from a Menorah Wall Hanging to a Dreidel Photo Frame Card. Print them off straight from this page or drag the image into a word document and re-size … [Read more...]

Number Templates

number zero

Here are my number templates, print them straight off or drag into a word document and re-size as you like! … [Read more...]

Bunting Templates


Buntings can be made in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes cutting bunting flags free-hand can be difficult. In this section you'll find a variety of bunting templates, different shapes, sizes and styles to suit your bunting. Choose your favourite from … [Read more...]

Block Alphabet Templates

letter A

Alphabet templates suit a wide range of uses. I recommend them especially for bunting. If you want a crisp edge, use with felt! Simply download these templates by right clicking on them. Save to your desktop and insert into Microsoft Word as a … [Read more...]

Halloween Templates

bat template

Halloween Templates are fantastic if you really want to spook you party guests and trick-or-treaters. In this section you'll find lots of templates from pumpkins, witches and ghosts to rats, bats and black cats! You can use these templates for so … [Read more...]

Rosh Hashanah Templates


From Apple Place Mats to Honey Bees and Beehives, these Rosh Hashanah templates will help you make the most of this wonderful holiday. Simply print off these templates and in no time you'll be able to make these wonderful decorations. Have a look … [Read more...]

Superhero Templates


Home made fancy dress costumes are so much better than store bought ones. Cut these logo out in felt and hot glue to a tshirt to create an instant costume smothered in love. Visit my costumes page for more advice on how to make costumes. … [Read more...]

Leaf Templates

oak leaf

  Autumn is so much fun to decorate for and these leaf templates are just what you need to start the crafting! … [Read more...]