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A Summer of Rainbows


We are spending lazy days in the garden. Mr Stone has been making the bulk of our meals; barbecuing fish and home grown veg with his cherished Weber grill. The cooking I've done is limited to grilled vegetable dishes including my fabulous lasagne … [Read more...]

What is it about Club Penguins?


It irkes me. Annoys me. From the music in the background to the time it sucks away from my son's brain, I just don't get it. Paris says let him enjoy it. All kids need something to escape into sometimes. We don't have an xbox or a Wii or any of the … [Read more...]

Stork Nursery Deux


I bought all of Max's Stork nursery items when I was pregnant. That top floor servant's quarter in the Brighton house was just a perfect nursery space. [You can see my video tour of it here: Baby's Nursery But it's a new year, new house...and while I … [Read more...]

Uninspiring Kitchen Transformed!


So we love this new house, but we hate the kitchen. It's SUCH a let down after the gorgeous kitchen we've enjoyed in Brighton. From it's small, challenging 'L' shape to it's boring maple laminate cabinets and white tiles and unexciting basic white … [Read more...]

Bug Theme Bedroom

bug themed lamp

So it's a new house, a new bedroom. I told Jack we could do anything he wanted for his new space. I was hoping he'd pick something awesome. I gently tried to steer him in a cool direction...we had big shoes to fill though. Jack's old bedroom was … [Read more...]

New Year, New Home


After 10 years in lovely Seaside England, we've jumped the pond and set up home in a Midwest Cape cod. It's all a bit sudden, it's all a bit bittersweet. We love England. We're renting that home, we can go back. I've always wanted to live in a Cape … [Read more...]

Chocolate Truffles


These wonderful chocolate treats make a fantastic homemade gift, boxed up and beautifully presented. They are also a wonderfully decadent treat for Valentine's day! Chocolate Truffles are actually very easy to make and you can make quite a lot of … [Read more...]

Homemade Gift: Owl Pillow Cushion

owl cushion

I love to make homemade gifts for birthdays, life celebrations and holidays and pillow cushions are one of my favorite gifts to make. This owl cushion is perfect for kids and adults alike. It's just like making a regular cushion with a few extra … [Read more...]

Snowy PomPom Garland


  In my Winter home I love bring in the outdoors in many ways and Pom Pom Garlands are a great way to bring the snowy cold comfortably indoors. They are very easy to make and highly effective hung from ceilings, doorways and around mirrors … [Read more...]

What is Gelt?


Gelt, which is a Yiddish word for money, is a wonderful treat for kids over Hanukkah. Hanukkah Gelt are chocolate coins which are usually wrapped in gold foil and give to children in mesh bags. Gelt is often associated with the dreidel as it's … [Read more...]

What is a Dreidel?

IMG_9332 (1)

A driedel is the centerpiece toy and game for kids played during Hanukkah. It's a four-sided spinning top with Hebrew letters on each side.  It's such a fun game to play with kids as there's gelt to be won on every spin. Here are the … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Pilgrim and Indian Hats


Pilgrim Hats and Indian Headbands are a great craft for older kids to make and really bring Thanksgiving alive. There are many ways to make these hats, but for now, I'm going to show you how to make them out of paper as it's so fun for kids to do … [Read more...]

Pinwheel Salmon

piwheel salmon

Pinwheel Salmon is a fantastic way to show off your culinary creativity! These beautiful stuffed salmon wheels are great as a main course for Thanksgiving dinner. Being pesche-vegetarian, Pinwheel Salmon is a fantastic alternative to Turkey that I … [Read more...]

Wasabi Mash

wasabi mash

Wasabi Mash is the perfect way to add fire to traditional mashed potato. It's a great side dish for any meal with fish and works as a great accompaniment to traditional Thanksgiving dinners. Be careful with the wasabi, it's hot! Wasabi … [Read more...]

Stove Top Stuffing


For stuffing, I like to use Stove Top Stuffing. It's simply a mix packet that requires water and butter. Remember, once you have combine all the ingredients, take the pan off the heat and allow to set away from the hob. For a crispy topping, place in … [Read more...]

Marshmallow Yams


Marshmallows Yams are the perfect holiday dish for Thanksgiving. I prefer to make mine with canned yams as they are prepared in syrup which makes it a quick and easy to make. Fresh yams are a pain to peel, cube and boil! And honestly, I don't think … [Read more...]

Green Bean Casserole


Green Bean Casserole is a fantastic family meal that's quick and easy to make. I like to top my green bean casserole with French Onion mix to get that extra crunch at the end. It's a great addition and a perfect meal for all holidays and … [Read more...]

Cranberry Sauce

cranberry_sauce 3

Cranberry Sauce is a great accompaniment to the Thanksgiving table, it's such a great condiment that suits many different main courses. It's really quick and easy to make, here's how I do it: Cranberry Sauce Print Prep time: 5 mins Cook … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Visuals

leaf pastry cutter

I like to create 'mood boards' of images that are both mine and sourced on the Internet to inspire me. Here's my growing compilation of visuals for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful celebration. Even though we live in the UK, we still … [Read more...]

Edible Chocolate Bowls


  Edible Chocolate Bowls are a fantastic dessert to serve at dinner parties as they really have that wow factor! You can fill these chocolatey bowls with almost anything - ice cream, fresh fruits, jelly, pumpkin mousse ( a great idea for … [Read more...]

Roasted New Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary


We've been growing red potatoes on our roof all Summer and Autumn long. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on some fresh new potatoes too, this is the perfect way to cook them!   As ours are quite muddy [for obvious reason] we like … [Read more...]

How to varnish brick or tile floors

varnished shiny brick floor

For the Halloween party prep last week I focused on ensuring the corners were clean and the floors are shiny! To the latter, our kitchen floor is half brick half flagstone so a regular wash and wax does not give it any wow factor whatsoever. … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Cookie Dough Recipe


It feels like baking weather so I've decided to post one of my best recipes ever! We all want to know how to make the perfect cookie dough recipe for using fabulous cookie cutters. Well, this is THE perfect dough. It took me years to perfect it but I … [Read more...]

How to Make a Faux Canopy


Canopies are just beautiful. They transform a bedroom into a magical, flowing, calm space.  Canopies tend to require ample space and my bedroom just isn't large enough for a real canopy.  So I've come up with a simple and highly effective … [Read more...]

Easy Sew: Shopping Bag


Everyone seems to love my sewing tips and videos so I've made another one! Shopping bags are a fantastic accessory that have so many uses. These wonderful bags have become more and more expensive over time, plus they're not always the size, colour … [Read more...]

Alligator/Crocodile/Dragon/Monster/Electric Eel Easy Sew Costume


Perhaps it's all kids but especially my boy Jack--he loves to dress up but he wants to be comfy. He does not want to feel restricted in a costume. So I tend to make dress up out of clothes he already has that I can add to. It's easier on me and more … [Read more...]

Super Easy No-Sew Yoda Costume


Jack was invited to a Star Wars themed party this weekend.  To be honest, I forgot we had to make a costume for it until  Jack looked at the wall calendar and reminded me. The day before. However, he'd never seen the films, so he wasn't sure which … [Read more...]

Cheesecloth Ghosts!


Cheescloth [or Muslin as it's known in the UK] Ghosts are easy and fun to make. This is a great craft project for kids and I think they effect is great, don't you? To make these wonderful Ghosts all you need is: Some Milk bottles or glass jars … [Read more...]

Autumn Felt Leaves


Autumn Leaves are a fantastic little craft that can serve multiple purposes over the autumn months. You can use them in autumn garlands, indoor hangings or decorations for cushions and bags. You can even use these leaves as part of a Halloween … [Read more...]

Halloween Snow Globes


Halloween Snow Globes are fast and easy to make and require few materials to create the wonderful effect. They are great to have around the house over Halloween for kids to shake and see what's inside. All you'll need: 1 glass jar and lid [we … [Read more...]

Halloween Templates: Spiders and Spooky Bats


Spiders and Bats are creepy any time of the year but around Halloween they get even creepier! I like to make hanging spiders and Bats to dot around my house. You wouldn't believe how many people think they're real! It's a fun way to trick your … [Read more...]

Halloween Painted Lanterns


Halloween Painted Lanterns are such a fun craft for kids. They are really easy to make and look fantastic inside or outside. You can choose the size and shape of your lantern and be creative when it comes to choosing your characters. Jack and I made … [Read more...]

Spooky Halloween Wreath

spooky halloween wreath home made easy to make

Spooky Halloween Wreaths are the perfect way to horrify trick-or-treaters before they knock on your door...if they dare! It's really easy to make a Halloween Wreath with basic materials which you can easily pick up from your local craft store. If … [Read more...]

All a man needs…


is a workbench. Mr. Stone loves his workbench. Despite not showing an interest or talent toward fixing up anything construction-wise in our home, he has spent countless hours in the garden shed creating a space to house his peg board of tools and … [Read more...]

The Essex A&E Adventure


So Sprinkles had his MMR jabs [vaccinations] on Thursday. Then Mr. Stone surprised me with a secretly booked weekend excursion to a lovely hotel in Essex countryside. [In the middle of all this life stuff, it was our wedding anniversary. Bless that … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Sukkot


So Sukkot is one of those celebrations that kind of comes and goes as a tradition without really feeling much like a celebration. We're eating outdoors. Big deal, right? Well, it's usually the last opportunity we have to eat outdoors until next … [Read more...]

For Yom Kippur


It's no use making resolutions if they aren't kept. And that's what Yom Kippur is all about. It's a week and a day's reminder to stick with our Rosh Hashanah resolutions. The focus is on reminding us that we promised to be a better person, to … [Read more...]

Honey Layer Cake


 So I'm playing around with my honey cake recipe tonight. Trying to think of ways to keep it yummy and interesting. I made a honey cake batter and baked it in one large round cake tin and then assorted glass pyrex round casserole dishes of different … [Read more...]

Make Rosh Hashanah Apple Bunting!


Come On! It's the New Year celebration! We need to get into gear and make some decorations so it feels like a celebration. This bunting is really easy to make and oh so cute! You could also add honey pots to alternate the flags if you … [Read more...]

10 minute Apple Tart, Yum!


I've been experimenting with store bought pie shells. It's not that I don't like to make pie from scratch, it's just that lately I've been pretty stretched for time so I'm trying to cut corners and testing the food to see if anyone [including me, the … [Read more...]

How to Make an Affirmation Board


With Rosh Hashanah this week, we are being given that clear wake-up call to remind us that it's not too late to make our dreams happen for 2011. But we have to have a plan, we must be organized with our desires! Otherwise, how do we expect to make … [Read more...]

Very Easy Costumes [Fancy Dress] for Kids

toy story

Home made costumes are so much better than store bought ones. I can't be bothered to sew detailed, complicated stuff though. I make costumes that can be finished in a half hour or less. I hope you find this page inspiring! I grew up calling  them … [Read more...]

How to really wash clothes


There's a lot of laundry in our house. There's probably a lot of laundry in everyone's house, but I only wash clothes once a week so it really looks like a lot in ours. I realize that some people wash clothes every day. Good for them. I can't do … [Read more...]

How to launder and clean upholstered fabric slipcovers


Most sofas I've seen have the ability to unzip and remove their covers. This is, of course, so we can wash them. There's nothing like a clean sofa, it lifts a room! In my home with a dog, a cat, a boy, a baby, a husband and a fair few rambunctious … [Read more...]

Craft Project: Apple Placemats


Apple Placemats are really easy to make! All you need are some red, white and brown sturdy fabrics and you're good to go! These take no time at all and are perfect for your Rosh Hashanah table! I've cut out an apple shape with red felt. [Click here … [Read more...]

Craft Project: Felt Honey Hives


I love to put branches in a vase as the centerpiece on my Rosh Hashanah table. And what better to decorate these branches with than the symbols of Rosh Hashanah that we know and love? How cute is this honey hive? It's super easy to make: Click here … [Read more...]

Craft Project: Felt Apples


In the spirit of making your Rosh Hashanah table festive, these felt apples are perfect. Click here for the template. I love hanging Rosh Hashanah themed decorations on and around my table. I place branches in the middle of my table and these are … [Read more...]

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds


So you've carved your pumpkin, pulled out all of those seeds...what are you going to do with them? Why, toast them of course! [Keep a few back for planting in the Spring though.] Toasted pumpkin seeds are very tasty. With minimal effort you can … [Read more...]