Charity [Tzedakah]

Charity is at the heart of Jewish culture. When Jewish families formally support charity on a reglar basis, this practice is known as Tzedakah. This is a Hebrew word that sums up our love for helping others.  

Giving back philantrophically is a key foundation to sustain our inner happiness and our way to help keep the world healthy and happy. It’s not a coincidence that many major charities are founded and supported by Jewish families. For the love of humanity, as philanthropy loosely translates, is part of our core. Regardless of how much time, money or energy we can spare, we all should try to do a little to make the world a better place. It’s just part of who we are, and I think it’s wonderful.

Tzedakah isn’t just about financial donations though. It’s really about helping. And help of course, can be defined in many ways. To truly be charitable in a tzedakah way is to be a reliable person, a helpful person, and one who always looks at ways we can do more for others.

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