Cheesecloth Ghosts!

Cheescloth [or Muslin as it's known in the UK] Ghosts are easy and fun to make. This is a great craft project for kids and I think they effect is great, don’t you?

To make these wonderful Ghosts all you need is:

  • Some Milk bottles or glass jars with a neck.
  • Approx half meter of cheese cloth depending on how many you make
  • A few rubber bands
  • 8 part PVA Glue and 2 part Water mix.
  • Black marker for drawing the eyes and mouth.

First, pad the neck of your glass bottle or jar with a ball of fabric. This will act as the head of the ghost. Secure with a rubber band.


Dip a small circle of cheesecloth, about 6  inch diameter into the PVA/Water mix. Rough edges encouraged, don’t cut a perfect circle!

Lay the cheesecloth over the top of the wadding and let it drape over the glass jar. Use the ribbon to tie the cheesecloth around the neck of the ghost to give a plump rounded head.

Leave to dry overnight.

When dry, with the black marker pen draw on the eyes and mouth.

How fantastic do these look?!

 You can make them larger using a soda bottle and two milk bottles for arms. Check out this one! Would’t it make a great centerpiece? Inspired? Hope so! This is easy!!


  1. Emilie says:

    I tried this at the weekend with my two and it worked perfectly. We used paper towel rolls with wadding.

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