Vinegar Cleaning Mirrors and Glass

I have a lot of windows and mirrors in my home and love each and every one of them to look pristine. I’ve found a brilliant non-toxic solution to make- what could otherwise be an arduous task of cleaning and scrubbing- really easy just by using vinegar and newspaper.

All you need is cooled boiled water, a healthy dash of vinegar, a squirty bottle and an old newspaper. [If you don't like the smell of traditional vinegar, try apple cidar vinegar. It works just as well and smells nice.]

1. In a squirt bottle, pour two parts Vinegar and one part cooled boiled water.
2. Spray generously onto the mirror. With a sheet of newspapers, wipe around and down the mirror.
3. With another sheet of paper give it a once over to remove any excess vinegar-water.

Your windows and mirrors will be glistening in no time!

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