Thoroughly Cleaning Painted Wood Floors

I love painted wood floors they’re practical for families with young children (and those of us susceptible to spilling the odd glass of red wine) and really brighten up spaces. They require little attention. I sweep my floors twice a week, mop them if they get muddy, and every now and then give them a good scrub. Scrubbing painted floors does require special treatment to ensure the paint work remains uneffected so here are my tips for scrubbing painted wood floors.

You’ll need:
Steel Wool
Warm Water
Washing Up Liquid

1. Combine the water and liquid.
2. Scrub the mixture in a circular motion straight onto the wooden floor.
3. Dry with a towel and your wooden floors will be sparkling!


  1. arcanciek says:

    Haha that’s rediculous. No way

  2. There are certainly different ways to keep floors clean and this is one of them. Thank you for sharing your own technique. Painting floors is an affordable way to improve flooring and it can have a longer life if maintained properly.

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