Craft Project: Felt Apples

In the spirit of making your Rosh Hashanah table festive, these felt apples are perfect.

Click here for the template.

I love hanging Rosh Hashanah themed decorations on and around my table. I place branches in the middle of my table and these are the centre piece. Aren’t they fab? It’s the new year after all, we should embrace decorating for it to keep it fun and exciting for all those who celebrate with you.

These apples take no time at all. With red felt, cut out the apple shape. [I've adjusted mine to be soft hearts but you can stick to traditional apples if you want.]

Next I cut the same shape slightly with cream coloured felt. I hot glue these together.

Finally I add two little brown diamonds for seeds and a green loop of felt for the step to hang them by.

I hope you’re inspired and make some for your table too!

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