Craft Project: Paper Mache Witch
Serves: 0
  1. In a bowl mix together a little water and a lot of PVA glue. It's effectively 8 parts glue, two parts water.
  2. For the head and hands:
  3. Blow up a balloon and tie a knot to seal it. Tear up sheets of newspaper and dip each torn sheet in the glue mix and apply to the balloon. Continue until the whole baloon is covered. Run lengths of paper down at the bottom of the balloon to create a neck. Leave to dry and harden slightly.
  4. For the CHEEKS: scrunch up a small chunk of foil and wrap in bits of newspaper, roll into a ball and dunk it in the glue. Place one ball on the face where you would like the cheek to sit and adhere with longer strips of newspaper. Tack on some masking tape if it's a bit wobbly. Repeat for the other cheek.
  5. For the EYE BROWS: Roll strips of foil and wrap in newspaper to form snake-like shapes, dunk in the glue and layer on the face somewhere above the cheeks, using thin strips of newspaper to help stick the snakey eyebrows on.
  6. For NOSE: With more foil, wrap in the gluey newspaper create a carrot shape and place between the cheeks and eyesbrows. Mould the nose as you like, I made my witch with a crooked nose!
  7. MOUTH AND CHIN: from the nose and cheeks downward, create layers of paper-mache around the lower half of the face with thin snake lips and with a triangular shaped chunk of newspaper and stick on the pointy chin.
  8. Lay your witch and leave to dry overnight.
  9. For the HANDS: With tin foil twist together finger shapes and a palm shape. Tape together with packaging tape and coat with gluey-newspaper. Keep wrapping lots of layers of foil and newspaper until each finger is thick (but witchy enough) and the palms and wrists, sturdy enough. Set aside to dry.
  10. FACE: Paint your witches face in any colour you want. This is your opportunity to make your witch's facial features really stand out. Start with the lighter colours and gradually build up the layers of darker colours to create contours around the eyes, nose and mouth.
  11. Hands: Paint the hands in the same way, using light and darker colours gradually.
  12. HAIR: With an old wig or paper cut in strips, stick on a few strands of hair around the top and side.
  13. HAT: With a large sheet of card or construction paper cut out a big circle. Within that circle cut out a smaller circle, big enough for the witches head. Scrunch up the paper to achieve the ragged look. With another sheet of card, create an ice cream cone shape by rolling the card at an angel. Adhere with glue or tape and scrunch up the make it look raggedy! Place on top of the witch's head.
  14. For the body, stuff an old long sleeved shirt with newspaper, ideally a turtle neck/polo neck shirt or one with a collar you can tie tightly at the top. Also tie it at the bottom to keep the newspaper in! Drap the fabric over body, or thread the wire arms through the sleeves. Attach the head with hot glue or tie on with fabric scraps tightly at the neck. [I did both!] Knot hands in place and add loop on top of her head to hand her up! Enjoy.
Recipe by At Home With Meg Stone at