Dreidel Bunting

Dreidel Buntings are a wonderful item to have around the home during Hanukkah. This Dreidel Bunting is so beautiful and it’s even better because it does not require a single stitch! All you need to make this wonderful sparkling bunting is fabric and a hot glue gun. I hope you try making this wonderful bunting. It’s also a great project to kids to get involved with too!


You’ll need:

Bunting template

Felt fabric

2 types of ribbon – I used  2 meter of fluffy hemming material and 1/2 meter opaque fine ribbon.

Star Baubles

Hot glue

1 can spray glue


Step 1: Cut a strip of fabric lengthways so your Dreidel template sits comfortably on top.

Step 2: Cut around your template until you have enough dreidel flags. I made 8 Dreidels for my bunting.

Step 3: Place your Dreidel flags on top of each other and cut around each side to achieve evenly shaped flags.

Step 4: Lay each flag on your surface and space out evenly. Lay over your longer ribbon and place your bauble stars in between each flag. Run a line of hot glue through the top of your Dreidel flag and adhere your ribbon.

Step 5: When all your flags are glued to your ribbon, dab some hot glue on the top your baubles and glue to the ribbon.

Step 6: Cut your ribbon into two equal halves about 25 cm/ 10 inch long and glue to the back of your Dreidel flags on each end.


Step 7: With the can of spray glue, spray over each flag and sprinkle over the glitter.



Step 8: Hang your Dreidel Bunting in your home! How beautiful is that?

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