Easy Sew Curtains

Jack has a little tree house in our  garden. It was a great experience decorating the interior of this house. After upholstering the footstool for the tree house, Jack replied, “Where are the curtains?” and he was absolutely right. It needed matching curtains. So, with the remainder of my scrap gingham, I sat down at the machine and within 15 minutes, we had curtains sewn and installed!

We just had enough to hem on three sides, add a loop across the top, and a ribbon across the loop [for interest.]

Now if these were real curtains and not going into a playhouse, I would have hemmed all four sides and clipped on hooks or sewn tabs. As they’re just for him to enjoy, a loop top is perfect.

I’m going to show you step-by-step how I made them:

Spread your fabric out on a surface to make it easier to cut evenly.

 Measure and cut your fabric to size. Remember to leave yourself at least an inch all the way around for hemming purposes.

Fold and hem on three sides. Hemming is nothing more than folding it over, sticking the fabric under the foot and pushing your foot on the pedal. I’ve used a straight stitch. It’s as easy as it looks.

 On the fourth side I folded the fabric over to create a large loop of fabric for the twine ‘curtain pole’ to go through. I also added a red ordinary ribbon to the front and sewed the fold and ribbon at the same time. I used a zig-zag stitch, purely to make it look a little bit kitsch.

 Once I did this twice [for the two curtains] I took them, my handy staple gun, and some twine to the tree house.


Creating a twine curtain pole is easy. Just staple the string on each side and knot the ends around the staple.

Voila! Tree house curtains! Jack loves them and they match the footstool and chair that we made for the treehouse too.

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