Exotic Bugs have invaded my home! Eeek!

Mr. Stone is a sucker for free give-aways. He loves any offer where he thinks he’s getting a deal. Even if we didn’t need the item. The ‘Real Life Bugs’ magazines have been another such thing. This weekly on our newsstand offered a scorpion for 99p and he just had to buy it for Jack. [Groan.] Yes, a real scorpion, set in resin, for Jack to study in detail. Great.

Oh, but it gets better. Soo…this company starts offering a bug a week. But that 99p issue was only the introductory price. They are regularly £5.99 an issue x4 a month!  We now have three cases of bugs. Yes, I said three cases. With no end in sight. And yes, I did the math. We’re now more than £200 into this 99p bug adventure. And my house has a display of exotic bugs.

I never, ever thought in my life I’d pay £5.99 for a cochroach.

Or a giant spider. Or a stink bug…but Mr. Stone says it’s educational. To be fair, Jack has been learning a lot. He can rattle off all sorts of details about bugs. I’m not sqeamish. I’m not a girl who runs if I see a bee. But 40 creepy crawly overpriced bugs staring at me when I go give Jack a good night kiss?

I’m not exactly thrilled.

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