Fabric Hearts

Fabric hearts are a wonderful decoration perfect for Valentine’s Day. In fact, I think they’re perfect all year round! To show someone you love them and to fill your house with love, why not try making your own fabric hearts with this simple and easy to follow method!


All you’ll need:

3-4 types of fabric- I used red and white fabrics.

2 handfulls of wadding

Needle, thread, sharp scissors.


Step 1: Fold your sheet of fabric in half and cut out a heart shape. Print off one of my Heart Templates if you need.

Step 2: Lay the outside sides of the fabric against each other- we’ll turn them right side out later. Starting from  the lower left side stitch around the top of the heart about 1/4 inch in.

Step 3: Now fold inside out. Stuff the heart with wadding. Stitch up the remaining seams and cut any loose thread.

Step 4: Cut a 3 inch x 1/ inch length of fabric and fold in half. Stitch this to the top centre of the heart. Now you’re hearts are ready to hang around your home!


  1. Julia says:

    So simple and so beautiful. I could make these with old scraps of fabric or old clothes. I love it! Thanks for the inspiraiton.

  2. Tee says:

    I Love these because you don’t have to make a tidy hem! :-)

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