Fighting like cats and dogs, but they secretly are friends

The animal situation in our home can be a bit mental at times. Our cat Cosmo and Jack’s dog Gracie chase each other around the house–or more accurately Gracie taunts Cosmo and he takes chase. They run up and down the stairs after each other like wild hooligans–which always ends with Gracie backed in a corner and Cosmo making her beg for mercy. It’s ridiculous.

Gracie eggs Cosmo on–she hides behind a door and waits for him to pass by. She then springs out with a ‘tada!’ in a child-like game and the chase begins. Cosmo has no problem taking swipes at her. In fact, when we took Gracie to the groomers to get sheared cutting the fur back revealed a face full of cat scratches! She brings it upon herself though and we can’t seem to knock any sense in her. She won’t leave the cat alone!

To be fair to her though, Cosmo takes swipes at her when she’s not paying him any attention. He loves to bat her unexpectedly–such as in this candid bath shot. Gracie didn’t even know he was in the room. He snuck in, clocked her on the nose, and smugly walked out.

Yet secretly they are friends. Look what I walked in to see in the library last night:

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