Glitter Candle Vase

This is a wonderful winter decoration to have in your home. It is also a wonderful gift to make for friends and family for Hanukkah. I found this unused glass vase in my cupboard and thought it could do with a wintery make over. If you’ve tried my Glitter Candles, this is exactly the same method. It’s easy an inexpensive and the results is brilliant!

All you’ll need:

1 glass vase

Spray glue


Fairy light candle.

Step 1: On a sheet of paper, throw on a generous amount of glitter and spread around.

Step 2: Spray your vase with lots of spray glue and roll evenly over your glitter.

Step 3: Leave to dry. When ready pop in a candle and light, decorate with a star and glittery foliage.

Why stop there? If you have an flower vases or anything that holds beautiful things around your home, make them sparkle with glitter. the possibilities are endless!

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