Glittery Candles

These glittery candles decorations look so fantastic everywhere around the house during winter and particularly during Hanukkah when the blue and silver sparkle away throughout my house. I’ve found that store bought glittery candles are actually quite expensive, compared to normal unadorned candles. This is a needless expense when you can make your own with the colours you’ve chosen yourself.

For such a wonderful effect, these candles are easy and very inexpensive to make. I’ll show you how.

All you’ll need:

1 medium sized candle (I chose blue)

Spray glue

Glitter or sequins

Step 1: On a sheet of paper sprinkle over a generous amount of glitter, I chose to use two different colours of glitter for different candles. Spray a generous amount of glue all over your candle.

Step 2: Hold each end of your candle and roll through the glitter evenly.

Spray on more glue if necessary and then leave to dry.

Step 3: Place around your home and light!


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