Grocery shopping with my three-eyed baby!!

So Jack was playing with googley eyeball stickers today. You know the type. They are those tacky, eyeball-moves-when-you-shake-them-stickers. He loves them. Well, he’s five. So we’ll cut him some slack for thinking they are cool.

Anyway, he put one on Sprinkles  forehead. And one on mine. Ha ha. I took mine off, but Sprinkles seemed to like his. He kept looking at his reflection and laughing. So we left it…for a little while.

Mr. Stone, ever observant too the boys to the grocery store and came home–with it still on. What must the Waitrose shoppers have thought!!

Fitting for Halloween I suppose…




  1. Tee says:

    Hahahhaha! :-) Awwwwwwww babies see all even if they tell not a thing! :-)

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