Halloween Templates: Spiders and Spooky Bats

Spiders and Bats are creepy any time of the year but around Halloween they get even creepier! I like to make hanging spiders and Bats to dot around my house. You wouldn’t believe how many people think they’re real! It’s a fun way to trick your friends on Halloween so grab one of my Spider and Bat templates and give it a go!

 Print off the spider and bat templates here. I recommend tracing onto a thick card or craft paper. Cut the spiders and Bats out.

Try using black yarn above the spiders to give the effect of them on the move! Hang from windows, walls and mirrors. If you really want to scare people, try using invisible string!

To really give the impression that you’re spiders are real, wrap the spiders over objects like I did with my lampshade. Bend the legs a little to suggest movement. It really will scare people!

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