Halloweens Past– photo inspirations

We throw a really great Halloween party at our house every year. We invite, something like 40-60 kids and their parents to come trash our house all in the name of good, spooky fun! And the house, of course, get’s decorated for it.

I ask everyone to bring a dish. This way I’m not overwhelmed cooking and people pretty much eat the volume they bring. Of course we bake/cook too, but it’s nice to be able to see the tables filled with thoughtful themed dishes and not to stress out making them all ourselves!

In case it’s not obvious, I love Halloween.

So I thought I’d show you some photos from past decorations, past parties to inspire you with your Halloween festivities…

Dry Ice is awesome to put in bowls behind photo frames or anywhere else you can hide it. The effect is very spooky smoky, especially as it moves the fake cobwebs. However, dry ice is a very cold and therefore slightly dangerous so be sure to keep it up high up and away from little fingers…


In other years we’ve rented a fog machine but that posed challenges as it was a bit too ‘foggy’ for the house and it kept setting off the smoke alarms!  One-dimentional black-paper spiders hung from black yarn have a great effect on walls, lampshades and mirrors! 

 I also love to make buntings for Halloween. Here are two of my favourites:


 And how about this paper mache witch? Cool, huh?

and don’t neglect the outdoors! Halloween excitement should begin from the front door…I have several of these paper mache and feather crows. love these crows!

and once you start playing with paper mache, the possibilities are endless…


and of course no Halloween is complete without some serious festive baking! Hope these cookies and cakes inspire you…

We have great fun with Halloween. I hope you do too!

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