Halloween Painted Lanterns

Halloween Painted Lanterns are such a fun craft for kids. They are really easy to make and look fantastic inside or outside. You can choose the size and shape of your lantern and be creative when it comes to choosing your characters. Jack and I made these Lanterns, they are so simple but incredibly effective.

All you need to make these lanterns are a few glass jars, a few colours of poster paint, a paint brush and a few tea lights.

First thing you’ll need to do is gather together the glass jars. Give them a good clean before and dry them so they are ready to paint.


With poster paint and a brush, cover your glass jar completely. You needn’t add more than one layer of paint as you want the light to shine through.

Leave your jars to dry for 20 minutes or so, depending on the paint. In the meantime begin planning how you’re going to decorate each jar.


The Ghost required only black circles for the eyes and mouth. For Frankenstein, you can be creative with with yellow lips, black stitches and eyebrows. Add wings to your bat using small pieces of black card.

Carefully light with tea lights and place them in each jar.


We put ours on the window ledge, they’re so effective! How spooky is this little army of ghouls!


Be creative with your Lanterns. There really are so many different ways to decorate them and they look so fantastic at night. Good Luck!

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