Halloween Snow Globes

Halloween Snow Globes are fast and easy to make and require few materials to create the wonderful effect. They are great to have around the house over Halloween for kids to shake and see what’s inside.

All you’ll need:

  • 1 glass jar and lid [we used a baby food jar]
  • 1 bottle of baby oil
  • Non-paper based confetti or plastic spiders
  • ribbon to wrap around the lid
  • Some Halloween stickers [like these bats]
  • And a hot glue gun.

Unless your jar’s lid is black, I recommend painting it black first to gain the full effect [so you'll need black paint too! I used spray paint as it dries fast.]

In to the jar, pour the baby oil. You’ll want your jar to be about 90 percet full.

Add in the black plastic spiders or confetti.

On the inside perimeter of the lid, run your hot glue gun around and quickly screw the lid back on.

For extra effect, I added an orange ribbon with a few dabs of hot glue to adhere it to the jar.

Give it a good shake and watch as the spiders float about inside. How amazing is that?!

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