Hanukkah Lanterns

Hanukkah Lanterns are a fantastic craft for kids and lovely gift for them to give to their family. They are fun and messy in equal measure but very easy to make. They look great indoors by a window with a small tea light illuminating the glass day by day.





All you’ll need:

9 glass jars in varying sizes from small to tall.

Poster paint, I used blue and silver.

Tea lights.


Step 1: With a paint brush, cover your glass jars in blue paint. One coat should be enough. To achieve the crushed glass effect, scrunch up a piece of cotton material and dab it all over the jar and leave to dry.

Step 2: With silver paint, draw on any pattern you see fit to add decoration and leave to dry.

Step 3: Line your jars up starting from the smaller jars on the outside to the taller jars in the centre. Place your centre jar aloft. Place tea lights inside and light with a long match.

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