Hanukkah 8 Days Wall Hanging

This Hanukkah Wall Hanging countdown calendar is perfect for little ones and it’s really fun to make and stock with little treats, messages and gifts. I like to make one for Jack every year and this year I’ll be making two! It’s going to be wall hanging central in my home so I thought I’d show you how to make one of these special calendars.

What you’ll need:

3-4 different fabrics. I used a grey felt, light blue gingham, dark blue polka dot, star patterned cotton and white felt for the numbers.

2 metres of ribbon.

Needle and thread and sharp scissors.

Hot glue gun.

Step 1: Cut 2 meter x 30cm of felt, this will act as the base of your wall hanging. Depending on the weight of what you’d like to put in your pockets, I’d recommend doubling up your felt base. So fold your 2 meteres in half to create a sturdy 1 x 0.3m wall hanging. Stitch along each side.

Step 2: Much like you would a bunting, fold your ribbon over the longer sides of your wall hanging and stitch along the length of the top and bottom.

Step 3: For the pockets, cut eight squares of your fabric variety, I chose to cut 3 gingham, 3 polka dot and 2 star patterned squares. To ensure they sit evenly on your base, divide the length of your base by 8 accounting for space in between. For my wall hanging I cut my pockets approximately 10cm wide x 20 cm high with 2 cm gap in between each.

Step 4: Stitch the two sides and the bottom of your pockets to the base and ensure your fabric is not too taught, you want to have enough room for little hands to reach inside. Continue until all are stitched on. Turn over and cut off any loose threads.

Step 5: For the numbers, print off my number templates and cut  out. Lay on top of the felt and cut out carefully.

Step 6: With a hot glue gun, glue your numbers to each pocket and leave to dry.

Step 7: Pin your Hanukkah Wall Hanging to the wall and fill with little treats!





  1. Yoosie says:

    I love this! Too bad I can’t sew.

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