Homemade Gift: Rock Frame

Home made gifts are great for kids to make over holidays, particularly Hanukkah. I love to encourage my boys to create home made gifts and I really encourage them to recycle unused objects around the home. It’s a really Victorian way of making presents, using natural materials from outside and recycling them as gifts. I helped Jack make this Rock Frame, which is simply rocks and shells he gathered on the beach and an old photo frame I wasn’t using. Isn’t it effective? And it didn’t cost a penny! Here’s how Jack made his:

All you’ll need:

2 handfulls of small rocks and pebbles

pva glue

1 plain photo frame

Step 1: Star by cleaning and drying your rocks.

Step 2: This isn’t essential, but for a wintery gift, try painting your rocks with any colours you like. For Hanukkah, why not try white, blue and silver rocks? Then coat in PVA glue to add a shiny coat.

Step 3: Arrange your rocks on the frame so they fit. With hot glue or normal pva, adhere each rock to the frame. Leave to dry.

Step 4: Place in the photo you’d like to give as a gift and you’re done!

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