Honey Layer Cake

 So I’m playing around with my honey cake recipe tonight. Trying to think of ways to keep it yummy and interesting. I made a honey cake batter and baked it in one large round cake tin and then assorted glass pyrex round casserole dishes of different sizes to try and create the shape of a bee hive. I’m not sure if I pulled that off? It’s a bit wonky, but it will taste amazing! The slices are separated by layers of honey cream [literally hand whipped cream mixed with honey]  I love honey ice cream so I thought, why not? What’s not to love?

The house smells amazing! It’s worth baking honey cake just for the aroma. Forget baking cookies to sell a home. Bake honey cake!

Tomorrow I’m going to try and make a round challah shaped like a bee hive. I add honey to my challah anyway, and we’re supposed to eat round challah this week, so why not?

Okay, maybe the honey cream sugar high is going to my head! [Grin.]


  1. Kethan says:

    I want to send you an award for most helpful interent writer.

  2. Lizabeth says:

    Wowza, problem solevd like it never happened.

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