How to Fabric Cover a Table

I appreciate that not everyone is lucky enough to have a craft room with an art table.

Having a padded pvc or oil cloth fabric covered table has many opportunities beyond a craft table though. This type of fabric is very practical and comes in a variety of patterns. People use it for making aprons, table cloths, reusable shopper bags, changing mats! I’m merely taking the concept of using it as a tablecloth–but permanently. This technique would be very cool for a kitchen table, a night stand or the top of a changing table. Effectively, any surface that you want to be wipeable.

So this is how to do it:

Staple a layer of wadding on to your surface. Make sure it’s taut. Trim any access.


Next lay your fabric on top of the wadding. Make sure if it has a pattern that it’s straight. Begin on one side and staple, working your way around, pulling taut as you go.

At the corners, pull one side out straight and fold the other side down on the straight edge, cutting away the internal triangle.

Once it’s stapled all around, trim any excess.







 My craft table takes a lot of damage. I tend to replace the fabric 2-3 times a year. The fabric is less than £5, so why stress over paint spillage or razor slices when it can just be quickly replaced? Life is too short!


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