How to Make a Faux Canopy

Canopies are just beautiful. They transform a bedroom into a magical, flowing, calm space.  Canopies tend to require ample space and my bedroom just isn’t large enough for a real canopy.  So I’ve come up with a simple and highly effective solution which only requires muslin/cheesecloth and a staple gun! This is such a simple idea, so very cheap and extremely effective.

Doesn’t it look fantastic?



Here’s what you need to do:

Stage 1: Tie together the ends of two lengths of muslin. The knot will act as the ‘rose bud’ that holds the bunched up cloth together. Staple these ends to the ceiling. Try to ensure that you can’t see the staples sticking out!

Stage 2: With one length of the fabric, run one side of the cloth against the ceiling and allow the other side to swag down slightly.

Stage 3: Continue stapling one side to the ceiling and follow the frame of your bed, stapling along until you reach the corner of your bed.

With another length of cloth, tie a knot with the fabric that is stapled to the ceiling. Work the knot up the the corner of your canopy to achieve the rose bud effect . Allow the fabric to swag in the centre and staple the rose bud to the ceiling.

Repeat on each side of the canopy.

How easy and inexpensive is that! Such a simple idea with such beautiful results. I hope you try creating a canopy for your bed too. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make a fantastic faux canopy in your bedroom too.

Good Luck!


  1. Mira says:

    Heck of a job there, it asboultely helps me out.

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