How to Rectify Dry Cookie Dough

Everyone has had dry dough at some point…you follow a recipe to the letter and it doesn’t come out for you the way it did in the recipe! Here’s how to fix cookie dough that is too dry, too floury and un-kneadable!

The most important thing to remember about overly dry cookie dough is that your cookie is completely salvageable! But PLEASE REMEMBER never, never ever ever add water! Water will make your cookie dough sticky, moist and unmanageable, it won’t bake properly and everything will be a mess!

The best way to save dry cookie dough is to add a little bit of oil. And a little bit of oil goes a long way! Just pour a little oil over your dough and knead it through. Your cookie dough will be back to normal in no time!

Watch this video to see this method in action!


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