I had my eyebrows threaded! At the mall no less.

It’s a bit of a cringe-worthy moment to sit in a chair in the middle of busy walking mall traffic but I closed my eyes and pretended I wasn’t there.  I’ve never had this procedure done before. Here’s what I can say about it:

1) Ouch! Way worse on the pain scale than wax. At least it’s over pretty quickly.

2) I’ve never been so impressed by a woman working with nothing other than effectively, a ball of floss. What she can do with just string is simply amazing. And judging by the queue, she’s got herself a nice little business model. £10 every five minutes. Not too shabby.

3) The end result is fantastic. Best £10 I’ve spent in a long time. I’m a convert. A little tidy up made such a difference!

I was guilted into it. By my own head. You see, a perfectly-turned-out-every-time mom I know gave me the ‘it’s time to do something about that up/down look.

You know the look I mean, right? The kind that makes you run to the mirror and go, WHAT?! What is she judging?

So I settled on my eyebrows. To be fair, they have not seen wax in a while. But hey! I’ve got a lot of my plate. And the last time I tried to carve out some me-time my hair came out a disaster.

I’m glad I went for this though! What do you think? Nice huh? Yup. and I saw “perfect mom” this morning. And I caught her taking a sneaky sideways glance at my eyebrows. Yup. Maybe it’s my imagining it but I don’t think so. And out of the blue she told me I looked nice today. To be honest I can’t make much of an effort in the morning. It’s just too early for me. So is that eyebrow approval? Because nothing else was difference about my appearance. I think so! Not that I need her approval. I don’t really care what she thinks…but unwittingly she pushed me to do it so for that I’m glad she did…

I also had the old man on the other side of my pumping island wink at me at the petrol station. LOL. Who knew that a little tidy up could make such a difference?



  1. SamIam says:

    They look great. I wish I’d look as good as if I had mine done…

  2. Emilie says:

    I like them and the hair does not look a disaster.

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