I love it but…

It leaks. It leaks OIL!!!!!!!!!! OMG, what have I done?!

Okay those that know me know that I love Land Rovers. I need the space. I haul stuff. I need the room. But my last one leaked rain. The water would drip in just over the horn and set the alarm off. Always at 3 AM. Bless my patient neighbours who put up with it. So I sold it. I swore off them for a while.

But here we are in a new city, I need new wheels. While searching the classifieds, this one caught my eye. Just look at that giant roof rack! I had to have it. Sure, that’s not a good reason to buy a car. But who cares how it runs! They are built like tanks. My first one had nearly 200k on the clock. They are meant to go forever.

I’ve never had a suped-up roof rack!! So yes, I bought it.

And this one leaks too. Except I thought rain was bad. This one is air tight. But it leaks oil. Oh lucky me. Another challenge to add to my pile. I still love the roof rack though…Oil, shmoil. I’ll keep it topped up until I can afford to fix it.


  1. Julia says:

    Just don’t let that red light go on or it will be an expensive mistake Mrs. Stone!

  2. Alex says:

    That roof rack is amazing but I bet you can’t go through drive throughs.

  3. Kitty says:

    I love land rovers too. they are expensive to fix unless you know someone. they hold a lot of stuff and sit comfortable even with lots of people.

  4. Annie says:

    Sell it. Buy something that won’t blow up.

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