I seem to be obsessed with polka dots

What is it about polka dots? I just can’t get enough. I have polka dots on everything I can get my hands on. Is it my love for the nostalgia of the 1950′s? Probably. They are just so cheerful. Who can frown when you’re looking at polka dots. Not me!

Mr. Stone doesn’t ‘get’ my love for polka dots. He doesn’t understand why they keep creeping into the house. The pot mits. My clothes. The wellies. The bow on the cat. The baby’s changing mat.

He said NO to the changing mat. I tried to put it on the buggy for him as he took Sprinkles for a walk. No, can’t have that. He wanted the black one. The boring one. Why? Are other dads really going to judge? Oh, he’s lost his masculinity, he’s using a polka dot changing mat?

But I swapped it on the buggy for him. It’s hard enough to get him to change Sprinkles. I’m not going to add to the drama. I don’t need him walking home with the baby so I can change him. Let them enjoy the park and the shops. And let me have some peace!

Peace…surround by my polka dot things!

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