It’s sweet potato and nothing but!

My whole world is focused on ensuring my family is happy. It’s defined in different ways for all of my boys; Mr. Stone wants a sparkly clean house, Jack wants to be popular at school so we host/shlep Jack on an endless cycle of playdates, and Sprinkles, well all he wants is to be fed sweet potato at every meal. He’s discovered it and now refuses to eat anything else. I’ve tried apple sauce, mashed banana, cheesy pasta, assorted flavours of baby rice…no, no no. everything but sweet potato is met with a loud, Yech! and spit back out at me.

It’s amusing that he loves it and make ‘yum, mmm’ noises as he eats it. It’s amusing that it matches his hair. It’s not amusing that it’s on every single item I’ve worn for the last week. It’s not amusing that it comes out the same colour it went in. And it’s getting very old that he won’t entertain any new flavours.  

How much longer until he’s sick of it? It’s the opposite of Jack. Jack won’t even eat left overs. He has to experience new flavours every day. This drives me batty when making school snacks. Carrots? No! I had those yesterday. Cheese? No, I had that on Monday. This goes on at ours and it’s no use fighting it. If I put my foot down and make Jack a snack he’s had recently, he simply won’t eat it. He’ll go hungry rather than eat a ‘repeated’ snack. And I thought that was bad!

This is worse though. There’s no getting variety into this baby. He clamps his mouth closed and won’t even try new flavours. If I manage to sneak a bite in, he spits it out at me. Then screetches for his beloved sweet potato. I tried peaches today. What baby doesn’t love peaches?! Seriously. He refused to swallow it. I tried mixing it with sweet potato. He knew it was a trick. He watched me with suspicion then clamped his mouth firmly shut. This is the face of defiance. He knows what he wants! It’s sweet potato and nothing but!


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